9AM / 10.15AM / 6PM

Morning at 1 Kalamunda Cl, Palm Beach

Night at Varsity Lakes Community Centre, Mattocks Rd


Do I need to register beforehand?

No, it's not necessary this week.

Can NSW border residents attend?

The Qld government website says, "We're asking people to use their common sense - you can cross the border from a border zone community for an essential activity, work, education or organised children's sport".​

We believe that church is an essential activity, according to both common sense and the Word of God. Jesus died to gather us, and we're so thankful.

Note that the border zone declaration includes the options "volunteering" and "to fulfil other caring responsibilities", which apply to many at church.

Where are these?

The morning services are in the church  building at 1 Kalamunda Close, Palm Beach. The night service is at Varsity Lakes Community Centre on Mattocks Road. There are maps below.

How does the morning timing work?

The first service is from 9am to 10am. At 10am we enjoy a coffee together. The second service is from 10.30 to 11.30. If you're coming to the second one, it's definitely worth getting there early for the coffee and good vibes.

What will happen with the kids?

There's a fun teaching program for kids aged 3 years old and up at both morning services. There's also a program for 1 and 2 year olds at the 10.15 service. No kids program at 6pm.

Will there be coffee and food?

Smooth espresso and delicious food are served at 10am, between the morning services. Always something good to eat at night too.

Will the gathering be COVID-safe?

Yes, we're following the relevant plan and are making sure.

Will we sing?


How can I get more info?

Feel free to contact us.









9am & 10.15am ​Sunday

1 Kalamunda Cl, Palm Beach









6pm Sunday

Varsity Lakes Community Centre, Mattocks Rd