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We're very grateful to God for such an enthusiastic and generous response to this project. The pledges have exceeded our expectations. Glory to God!


Please fulfil your pledge as soon as you can. The bank account details are on our Giving page. 

Make sure the pledged amount goes to one of the two building accounts. One is for tax deductible gifts; the other for non-tax-deductible gifts.

And if you're new to this, you'll still find the information below helpful.



The time has come for Cross & Crown to begin the process of buying a place to call home!


This October, we’re looking back with enormous gratitude at what God has done for us since we launched 5 years ago. He’s saved people and changed lives. He’s grown us in number and deeply transformed us by his word.


As we plan for the next 5 years, we’re praying and working towards more and more of that kind of growth.


A key part of our plan is to buy a base to call home.


Our prayer is that God would give us a home base. And, especially, that through this process he would give us glad and generous hearts.




We need more space to gather and reach more people. 



We need certainty about where we meet. We want to be anchored in our community, without worrying about having to move. And rental space is becoming much harder to find.



We want a thriving ministry to our kids and youth, for generations to come. Imagine a place where the next generation can raise their kids.

Imagine a base where our children can grow up in the faith and bring their children to do the same.




We actually don’t know, yet, exactly what kind of building God will provide.

Most likely, a warehouse, converted into a great space for ministry. We're after a tasteful and welcoming meeting space, kids ministry areas and areas for youth and adult small groups. 


We estimate that a suitable, converted warehouse will cost at least $3 million.


Balter has done a great job with this warehouse. Not a church, but good style.

(photos from Instagram)




We need to be in this together. Everyone involved. Everyone with glad and generous hearts.


Some will be able to give very large amounts; some less. Our circumstances vary. But we can all give with the same level of generosity and sacrifice.



on the riches of God’s grace 

on the priority of gospel proclamation

on the opportunity to invest in eternity



with your family and involve your kids



for glad, generous Macedonian hearts



how you can give and if you can give more using the tax deductible option

We want you to know, brothers, about the grace of God that has been given among the churches of Macedonia, for in a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part.

2 Corinthians 8:1-2




1   Raise an initial $600,000

2   Explore various finance options

3   Find the right building

4   Purchase and renovate the building

5   Move in!


At the moment we’re at step 1.


We're beginning step 2, recognising that this step may take some time. If you have ideas, let us know!


None of the steps will be quick and easy! But we're trusting God, doing our homework, staying focused on the gospel and giving it a go.


30 OCTOBER 2022


Sunday 30th is the 5 year anniversary of Cross & Crown (and Reformation Sunday). A day to celebrate the grace of God, with a thankful heart!


On that Sunday, we’ll bring our Pledge Cards to indicate what we’re planning to give. They're available now at church.


Questions about the Pledge Card are answered below. Please note the section which gives guidance on whether or not to tick the tax deductibility box.

Building essential?
Stay at Salvos?

Is a building essential?

A building isn't essential (we'd meet in a park if we had to), but it certainly helps. Owning our own building will enable a growing ministry that's stable and lasts for generations.

Can we stay at the Salvo building?

The Salvo building has been a great blessing in helping grow gospel ministry. However, the Salvos have told us they don’t want to sell it and it’s unclear whether we can rent it after 2023. Also, it’s probably not going to be big enough, unless we could make some alterations. 


Could we just continue to rent?

Renting has been a good option for us so far. But renting gives us much less certainty about where we'll meet. And as we grow, suitable rental spaces will become harder to find, especially in the current cultural and political climate.


Where will we meet in 2023?
Word is just in that we’ll be able to stay at the Salvos for 2023. That gives us the time we need to find, buy and renovate a place of our own.


Can I see blueprints or designs?
We’d love to be able to show you what building we have in mind. But we can’t because we haven’t found it yet! We really do have to raise the deposit first, as we trust God to provide the right building.

Continue rent?
Where 2023?
See blueprints?
Can be deductible?
Should deductible?
How maximise?
Don't want to give?
How much?
Over and above?

What if I really don’t want to give to a building?
We’d encourage you to see how much our own building can help us do gospel ministry and reach more people for Christ. Giving to a building is giving to gospel mission! But if you really don’t want to do that, make sure you give just as much to other parts of our ministry. Go over and above your normal giving and give a generous, one off gift into our normal church account, to be used to fund other aspects of our mission (like employing a third pastor).

How do I work out how much to give?
How much you give is up to you. Pray and ask God to make you glad and generous about it. Pray for opportunities and ideas. Some are giving from savings. Some are selling something in order to give. Some are using their mortgage. Some are giving over $50,000. Some are giving $5000. Different circumstances so different amounts, but the same heart behind it.

Should I give over and above my normal giving?
Yes, please. Otherwise we won’t be able pay our normal expenses and grow other aspects of ministry (like employing a third pastor in 2023). Take the opportunity to update your regular giving, and take the opportunity to pledge to our building on top of that, if you're able.

Can gifts be tax deductible?
Yes, gifts to our deposit and building can be tax deductible. Both gifts that are tax deductible and gifts that are not tax deductible will go towards the building. It's your choice how you give (see next question). 


Should I make my gift tax deductible or not? 
We're able to use tax deductible gifts to cover some of the cost of a building, but will need to use non-deductible gifts to cover the rest. That means we need both kinds of gifts. So if you’re planning to maximise your donation through tax deductible giving, use that option. Otherwise, we’d love your gift to be non tax deductible.

How could I maximise my giving through tax deductibility?

You can calculate how much extra the tax deductible option would enable you to give using this calculator from Hunter Bible Church:

How pledge?

How do I make my pledge? 
Pledge Sunday is 30th October. Pick up a pledge card at church before that, prayerfully fill it in, and bring it along with you on Pledge Sunday. If you can't be at church on Sunday 30th, you can drop the card in the collection box before that, or email

Do I need to pledge? Can’t I just make a donation? 
You could just give, but there are some valuable aspects of pledging. First, pledging is helpful for you because it invites you to make a considered, prayerful decision with God to be glad and generous. Second, pledging is helpful for church as we plan our finances with your pledge in mind. 
However, we understand that some people may feel a conscience issue about making a “pledge”. And that’s okay. In that case, we would encourage you to give as soon as you are reasonably able to so we can include it in our planning. 

Can I be anonymous on the Pledge Card?

It would help to write your name on the card so that our treasurer can clarify anything with you, if needed. Don't worry, we won't be publicising what you're giving! Of course, if you feel strongly about it, you can pledge anonymously.

Is the pledge for a once-off or on-going gift?

This pledge is for a once-off gift.

Should I tick the “Tax-deductible gift” box on the Pledge Card?

Only tick the box if you're giving a tax deductible gift. Otherwise leave it blank. Check above to help decide whether you should give a tax deductible gift or not (and remember both kinds go towards the building).

If I want to give some $X before 31 December and an extra $Y before 30 June, what do I write in the boxes? 

Write $X in the "by 31 December 2022" box and $Y in the "by 30 June 2023" box. The second amount is the extra amount. Don't include the first amount in it.

Once off?
Tax receipt?
Fulfil straight?
Can't fulfil?
Need to pledge?
Don' reach goal?
More questions?

How do I fulfil my pledge? 

Fulfil your pledge by giving to the Building Fund or to the Cross and Crown Foundation. The Building Fund is for gifts that are not tax deductible. The Foundation is for gifts that are tax deductible. You’ll find those bank details on our Giving page

How will I receive my tax receipt? 

If you are making a tax-deductible donation, provide your contact details on the Pledge Card and tick the box. To make sure, email after your deposit, and you'll be issued with a tax receipt.

Do I need to fulfil my pledge straight away? 
We’d really love pledges fulfilled as soon as possible after Pledge Sunday.

What if I can’t fulfil my pledge? 
We understand forecasting your giving can be difficult and even with the best planning, your circumstances can change unexpectedly. If over the course of the next few months, you discover you are unable to fulfil your pledge commitment please let us know so we can adjust our gift expectations. 

What happens to the pledges, if we don't reach our goal?
We're praying that we'll not only reach our goal, but exceed it! But if we don't, we ask that you still give what you've pledged. We'll keep the money aside and seek to raise more until we have enough. Buying our own building is too important to give up on if we don't get there quickly.

More questions? 
If you have more questions, comments, suggestions or ideas regarding the building campaign, we’d love to hear them! Send them to us at 

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